Whats Happening on the Farm

It is a hot one! The weather and the CSA share

2 pints blueberries
3 zucchini
2 cucumbers
1 bunch kale
1 bunch broccoli or 1 bunch beet
1 cut herb - members choice
1 head lettuce - members choice

1 Pineland farms bread of your choice

more strawberries

CSA Menu 5/22
1 quart strawberries

choose one:
1 asparagus
1 leek
1 kohlrabi

choose 1 lettuce
1 red leaf
1 green leaf
1 romaine
1 boston

choose 1:
1 bunch spinach
1 bunch swiss chard

1 patio tomato plant

Whole lotta planting going on!

We are rolling right along planting lots of peppers and eggplant and tomatoes .... just to name a few! We work into the evening to get it all done so hopefully we will have a bountiful harvest of fresh summer veggies starting really soon! But right now, keep enjoying the spring lettuce and of course those amazing strawberries while they last! Patience, patience!

We are always growing with you in mind!

We have a huge selection of bedding plants and flowers for every taste! Our greenhouses are bursting with color and variety- we wish we could bring it all to the market but there is just not enough room on the truck! So, if you have something in mind, PLEASE do not hesitate to ask us and chances are we have some "back at the farm" and we can bring it to you the next day! Remember ask and you shall receive!


Strawberry season is here! They are sweet, juicy and plentiful right now so stop by and get some - remember it is a short season so enjoy them while they are here!

Things may slow down - but we NEVER STOP

January may be a slow month for us, but farming never stops. We get a chance to clean things up a bit and yes, enjoy a little bit of down time, a few more walks around the farm, but it is also an exciting time to plan things for next season - and think about what we might like to add to our mix of products. What about you- do you have something you would like to see us add to our mix?

What's on your Christmas list?

We have been very busy getting lots of things ready for the market! We have beautiful wreaths and grave blankets and poinsettias not to mention some great gift ideas like honey, homemade jams or pickles, homemade breads and so much more! Stop in to see us any day!

The countdown has begun!

We are hitting the ground running at Pineland Farms for all your holiday decorating needs! Our greenhouse is filled with poinsettias, and cyclamen as well as succulents and herbs for yourself or as a great gift for that special someone. We are open at the farm daily from 8am to 5pm, or at the Trenton Farmers Market Thursday through Saturday from 9am to 6pm and Sunday from 9am to 3pm. The market will also have extended hours starting Thursday December 14th through Sunday December 24- we will be open EVERY day for your shopping convenience!

Let's start decorating!

The countdown has begun! It's time to start thinking about, or just plain doing it- and that's decorating for Christmas. Pineland farms will have a full selection of wreaths, poinsettias, bows and more for all your holiday decorating needs! Just stop in starting tomorrow- small business Saturday and check out our selection and maybe even take some home and get started on that labor of love this weekend!

Their time has come!

Hey everyone! it's finally time to pick blueberries! They are ripe and ready and just waiting for you to pick them! So, join us at the farm this
weekend for our opening! Just follow the sign on 206 and look for the wagonload of flowers at the entrance. We will be waiting to greet you at the market door! Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes!

CSA has begun!

Well, our CSA has begun. The 2023 season has started early and we could not be more excited about that! We look forward to seeing you all again as well as some new faces! We are starting the year off with lots of goodies to plant your own garden so here's a hint that the next couple of weeks your bonus will involve a little work on your part! It will be just a little taste of what farmers do on a larger scale to bring food to your table. We think you will enjoy bringing a bit of your own farm and hard work to your own table and you get to really enjoy the benefit of "as fresh as you can get!"

Welcome 2023!

It may be chilly outside - well maybe not as chilly as it should be - but it's not quite Spring yet. We are busy getting everything pruned and mowed in the hope for a great season! Feel free to stop by the farm starting in March to check out what's 'growing' on in the greenhouse and at the on-farm market. Keep checking the website and facebook for the opening day!

What's in your basket? The choice is YOURS!!

Thanksgiving Menu
1 tray yams or sweets
6 apples your choice
2 kale or 1 squash or pumpkin of any kind
1 quart sweet frying peppers or bell peppers or hot peppers
2 eggplant of any kind
Bonus- members choice

There’s still time!

It’s not too late! The corn maze is open through Sunday November 20! We are open every day through October 31 from 8am till 6pm. We would love to host your family, church, school, or group for an “a-MAZE-ing day at the farm!” Just message us on Facebook at pinelandfarmsnj or contact me at judeedeficcio@pinelandfarmsnj.com we look forward to your visit!

U Pick at Pineland Farms

We are opening up our gorgeous and bountiful blueberry farm for pick your own starting Sunday June 26! This is also the Hammonton Red White and Blueberry Festival so in addition to a day at the farm there’s fun,fun, fun all over town! So just look for our signs on route 206 and we will see ya there!

Are you ready for some BLUEBERRIES?

CSA MENU 6/22/22
2 heirloom tomatoes
2 zucchini or yellow squash
1 cabbage or kale or beets
1 cucumber
BONUS: 1 flat blueberries

What's in your basket? more strawberries and blue

CSA Menu 6/15/22
2 pints blueberries
1 cabbage or kale
1 lettuce
2 zucchini
2 cucumbers
bonus - 1 quart strawberries

What's in your basket- strawberries- 1 last week

CSA MENU 6/8/22
1 quart strawberries
1 cabbage or 1 bunch beets
1 lettuce or kale or bunch parsley
1 asparagus
2 zucchini or yellow squash

bonus - 2 jersey greenhouse tomatoes

What's in your basket? ZUCCHINI!!

CSA MENU 6/1/22
1 quart strawberries
1 bunch beets or Asparagus
2 heads lettuce
1 cabbage or kale
Bonus- members choice

It's a-MAZE-ing!

Happy Fall from Pineland Farms!
Join us for some fall family fun at our 2021 non-GMO sunflower corn maze! Find your way through the twists and turns of the double sunflowers and into the pumpkin patch! The maze is $5 per person and
includes a pumpkin from the patch! Open Saturdays and Sundays in October from 11am to 4pm! We look forward to seeing you there!

What's in your basket? PEARS!

CSA MENU 9/8/21
4 corn
2 cucumbers
3lbs apples
3lbs pears or Asian Pears
2 large or 4 small eggplant
2 red bell peppers
3 sweet fryers or oranos
1 pint yummy peppers
1 quart tomatoes
1 pint cherry or grape tomatoes
BONUS 1 pint concord grapes

What's in your basket? The choice is YOURS!!

CSA Menu 9/1/21
We are going to try something new! You can stick with the menu - or adjust it to your needs! For example if you really don't want peaches this week and would rather double up on apples or vice versa- Go For It! The same goes for peppers, eggplant, up to you! So here is the basic menu for you to make your own!
6lbs of either apples or peaches
2 large eggplant, 4 small eggplant, 3 bell peppers, 6 sweet frying peppers, 8 oranos, 2 boxes yummies, 2 boxes hot peppers- choose 4 items from that list
2 cucumbers or 4 kirby
2 zucchini or 1 delicata or 1 spaghetti squash
4 ears corn or 1 bunch basil or 1 bunch kale
1 quart round tomatoes, 1 quart plum tomatoes, 1 pint cherry tomatoes, 1 pint grape tomatoes, 1 pint green tomatoes, choose 2 items from that list
BONUS: members choice!

What's in your basket? more PEACHES!

4 corn
1 basket apples
1 basket peaches
2 large or 4 small eggplant
1 delicata or spaghetti squash
3 peppers
4 red frying peppers or oranos peppers
1 quart string beans
1 small box kirby cukes
1 quart tomatoes
BONUS: 12 lbs peaches

There's a whole lot a' pickin' goin' on!!!!

So it's pretty much the height of the Jersey Fresh Summer season! Pineland Farms is in full swing picking everything from blueberries to zucchini and within the next 2 weeks we will say goodbye to our beloved blues and hello to another favorite.. APPLES! Yes believe it or not we are almost to apple season! But for now you can enjoy Blueberries, tomatoes of all shapes colors and sizes, eggplant of all shapes colors and sizes, sweet and hot peppers, cucumbers, cabbage, kale, okra, fresh cut basil, sweet corn, peaches, spaghetti squash, delicata squash, and zucchini and sunflowers too! These products are ALL grown on OUR FARM. So please ask us about anything....we love growing and talkin' Jersey Fresh produce!

What's in your basket? PEACHES!

CSA Menu 7/7/21
4 pints blueberries
6 white peaches
4 zucchini or yellow squash
2 cucumbers or 1 box kirby cucumbers
2 leafy greens choose from lettuce, kale, or cabbage
1 large or 3 small eggplant

BONUS: Members choice!

What's in your basket? ....it's time for zucchini

CSA menu 6/23/21
2 pints blueberries
2 large zucchini- check out our recipe for Blueberry zucchini bread!
4 zucchini or yellow squash
1 broccoli
2 lettuce
1 kale or cabbage
Bonus: 1 - 10inch hanging basket

What's in your basket...more blueberries!

CSA Menu
2 pints duke blueberries
3 zucchini
1 quart string beans
1 bunch lettuce
1 bunch red romaine lettuce
1 kale or cabbage

What's in your basket? ...Blueberries!!!

2 pints blueberries
1 bunch asparagus( last week of season)
1 lettuce
1 kale or cabbage
1 bunch beets or 1lb jersey fresh string beans
Bonus: 1 flat of annuals or vegetable plants- your choice

Trucking along to Christmas at Pineland

Well it's here! Christmas season 2020! It's been quite the year and we are looking forward to some Christmas joy! It brings a smile to my face and I hope to yours too when you see brightly decorated Christmas trees and wreaths ..and lots of garland and bows... everywhere you look at Pineland Farms. We are not finished decorating yet though so stay tuned for lots more pictures of our stand and we will show you a little bit or our "behind the scenes" at the farm! Merry Christmas everyone!

There's still Jersey Fresh produce to enjoy!

We hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving with family and friends, it may have been a little different for all of us this year but we still have so much to be thankful for...and a continued abundance of Jersey fresh apples and potatoes and cranberries and so much more are some of those!

It’s not over yet!

We are still busy harvesting our late plantings of tomatoes and these gorgeous eggplant so don’t worry Jersey Fresh summer is still hanging on at Pineland!

It’s time for cranberries!

You know it’s officially fall when we start harvesting cranberries !

A bin of sunshine🌻

It’s time for fresh cut sunflowers to brighten your day!

It’s almost pumpkin time!

Get ready! Starting this weekend we will be bringing in the pumpkins and other fall favorites like Mums! Stay tuned to our Facebook for some pumpkin pickin video!

Disking in the Lime

Limestone was spread throughout most of the farm a couple of weeks ago. Limestone adds PH to the soil and makes the fertilizers more efficient.

Lime is also proven to be a simple and cost-effective way to counter the harsh conditions created by rising acidity. Applications of Ag Lime are a reliable way to keep your soil healthy and high-yielding.

A common practice is to disk (burry the lime into the soil) soon after the application. As shown in the video, we disk the ground to work in the lime into the soil. We will return back to these fields about a week prior to planting and plow the fields. We will then take a field cultivator and level the plowed ground to form a perfect planting bed.

2019 Favorite Moments

Our Facebook video for the review of 2019.

We Won!

We won! Thank you to all our friends for voting for Pineland Farms as the best-decorated stand ! We love doing it!

Preparing a raised planting bed

Preparing a raised planting bed with plastic.

We are in the Christmas Spirit

We’re in the Christmas spirit at Pineland Farms. Right down to our sign, complete with apples and pine cones. So stop by, we have everything you could possibly want to decorate your home for Christmas!

The 2019 CSA Program has Ended

Pineland Farms 2019 CSA program has completed another successful season. Although our farm is winding down for the winter months, we are vigorously planning for the 2020 growing season.

Stay tuned for our 2020 CSA membership plans. We will publish registration information on our Facebook page and website shortly.

Christmas is coming!

Pineland Farms changes with every season, and of course, the Christmas season is no exception! Our stand at the farmers market in Trenton NJ is starting to look a lot like Christmas. We are busy making bows, decorating wreaths, and not to mention our gorgeous poinsettias fresh from our greenhouse! As always, we will be making custom made wreaths and blankets as well as centerpieces. So, if you don’t see what you like on display, choose from our hundreds of decorations and ribbons, and we will make your Christmas wish come true! The newest addition at Pineland Farms is the baked goods. Yes, we’ve done it! We are using our Jersey fresh apples and pumpkins to make our delicious types of bread and pies! We are using my Mom’s tried and true family favorite recipes, so stop by for a sample- it is sure to please!

Looking like Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! So grab your best friend and truck on over to Pineland Farms!

Thanksgiving Centerpieces are Available Now

Your Thanksgiving centerpieces are ready and waiting for you to take them home! Stop by and pick one up or place an order for next week! We are open Tuesday and Wednesday from 9 to 6!

Thanksgiving Desserts

Good afternoon- happy Sunday! Planning your Thanksgiving dinner? We have the fruits and veggies for you to make it yourself or try our homemade pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie or apple pie and let us do the work for you! We are here at the market until 4 pm today, stop by for a free sample!

Got Apples?

Good morning! Getting ready to make those apple pies for Thanksgiving? Whether you prefer one variety or a mixture Pineland’s can make it happen with our “apples by the pound” section! Stop in today!

It's time for bows!

Here it is ! Our first Christmas bow for the season ! We already have a large selection in ! Stop by and check them out !

Sweet Potatoes

They’re here! We now have a full selection of our sweet potatoes and yams! What’s your fave...red, white, purple, or orange? We got ‘em!

It's Cold Outside

Brr... it’s cold today - but we were swamped yesterday picking lots of Jersey fresh ... everything so we would have lots to offer today at the market! Stop in for tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, and more!