Pineland Farms

Hammonton, NJ

What's Happening on the Farm!

Their time has come!

Hey everyone! it's finally time to pick blueberries! They are ripe and ready and just waiting for you to pick them! So, join us at the farm this
weekend for our opening! Just follow the sign on 206 and look for the wagonload of flowers at the entrance. We will be waiting to greet you at the market door! Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes!

CSA has begun!

Well, our CSA has begun. The 2023 season has started early and we could not be more excited about that! We look forward to seeing you all again as well as some new faces! We are starting the year off with lots of goodies to plant your own garden so here's a hint that the next couple of weeks your bonus will involve a little work on your part! It will be just a little taste of what farmers do on a larger scale to bring food to your table. We think you will enjoy bringing a bit of your own farm and hard work to your own table and you get to really enjoy the benefit of "as fresh as you can get!"

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