Pineland Farms

Hammonton, NJ

What's Happening on the Farm!

more strawberries

CSA Menu 5/22
1 quart strawberries

choose one:
1 asparagus
1 leek
1 kohlrabi

choose 1 lettuce
1 red leaf
1 green leaf
1 romaine
1 boston

choose 1:
1 bunch spinach
1 bunch swiss chard

1 patio tomato plant

Whole lotta planting going on!

We are rolling right along planting lots of peppers and eggplant and tomatoes .... just to name a few! We work into the evening to get it all done so hopefully we will have a bountiful harvest of fresh summer veggies starting really soon! But right now, keep enjoying the spring lettuce and of course those amazing strawberries while they last! Patience, patience!

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