Pineland Farms

Hammonton, NJ

What's Happening on the Farm!

Welcome 2023!

It may be chilly outside - well maybe not as chilly as it should be - but it's not quite Spring yet. We are busy getting everything pruned and mowed in the hope for a great season! Feel free to stop by the farm starting in March to check out what's 'growing' on in the greenhouse and at the on-farm market. Keep checking the website and facebook for the opening day!

What's in your basket? The choice is YOURS!!

Thanksgiving Menu
1 tray yams or sweets
6 apples your choice
2 kale or 1 squash or pumpkin of any kind
1 quart sweet frying peppers or bell peppers or hot peppers
2 eggplant of any kind
Bonus- members choice

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