Christmas is coming!


Pineland Farms changes with every season, and of course, the Christmas season is no exception! Our stand at the farmers market in Trenton NJ is starting to look a lot like Christmas. We are busy making bows, decorating wreaths, and not to mention our gorgeous poinsettias fresh from our greenhouse! As always, we will be making custom made wreaths and blankets as well as centerpieces. So, if you don’t see what you like on display, choose from our hundreds of decorations and ribbons, and we will make your Christmas wish come true! The newest addition at Pineland Farms is the baked goods. Yes, we’ve done it! We are using our Jersey fresh apples and pumpkins to make our delicious types of bread and pies! We are using my Mom’s tried and true family favorite recipes, so stop by for a sample- it is sure to please!